let's walk through the steps.

how can a company provide fast results, personalized service, and an excellent product, all at an affordable price? our process is simple. instead of reinventing the wheel at the start of every project, we save time and money by building our designs on top of licensed frameworks that have been optimized by other reputable professionals in our industry. from there, we make the customizations necessary to suit your personal and professional needs, which requires quite a bit of coding. the result is a professional, custom website that will be a 24-hour marketing machine for your business.



during this phase, we take the time understand your needs. we will discuss things like how you want your website to look, what features you might want, and how best to engage your customers. next, we will determine how to accomplish all your goals while staying within your budget and time frame.



once we have a good idea of what you have in mind for your project, we present you several options to choose from. in this phase, we work with you to gather valuable information about your business to be featured on your website. then, we set up your hosting and domain services and install the necessary framework.



alright, let's boogie. this phase lasts nearly the duration of your project's timeline. now that we have everything we need, we can implement your design, make customizations, integrate additional features you've chosen, and optimize the site's usability. we will be in contact with you along the way to get your go-ahead. we spend this time hard at work making your website fantastic.



now, it's time to wrap things up. before it goes live, your website will be checked, double checked, and triple checked for optimum usaiblity usability (and typos). after we get your approval, we provide one-on-one training and written instructions for the use of your new website. don't worry, we're still here if you have questions. finally, you're ready for launch.

that's the whole shebang!

let's get started on your project